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when the water delivery worker painstakingly installs a bucket of pure water on your water dispenser, you may be surprised to find that the bucket is so dirty, and there are still circles of "marks" left around the bucket. Such things are common in many families

Chen Jiaqi, director of the National Center for quality supervision and inspection of plastic products, told that at present, the country has industry standards on the products of plastic bucket manufacturers. This regulation is actually a regulation on the delivery between water plants and bucket factories. As for the buckets in the hands of consumers, there is no regulation. As long as the water is qualified, the buckets, whether dirty or imprinted, can only be adjusted by the market now. The future of the recycled plastic bucket may be as thin as the hotel's temperature rise room card with the continuation of the lightweight concept. The service life of each drinking water company depends on the wear degree of the bucket

industry experts pointed out that copper should be used as an irreplaceable material for the development of renewable energy, and standardized management should be implemented for the recycling of plastic barrels as soon as possible, so as to prevent inferior or expired plastic barrels from drilling "loopholes" and disrupting the market with extremely low price advantages

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