Attention should be paid to the installation of th

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Attention should be paid to the installation of the dryer

when installing the dryer, it is necessary to check the place to be installed and the standby equipment to be installed, so that there will be no other problems in the installation, and there will be no inconvenience in future maintenance due to the error of preliminary installation in the future use

the installation mainly checks the pouring quality of foundation concrete and the deviation of size and position: the appearance requires that the foundation surface is clean, free of oil, dust and debris, no exposed reinforcement, no cracks and missing corners, no residual shell and fender in the expected reserved hole, and other pouring defects

the deviation between the foundation dimension and position shall meet the following requirements: the error between the overall dimension and the foundation coordinate position, and the vertical and horizontal axis shall be less than 20mm The error of different plane elevations is less than 20mm, and only negative is allowed, not positive 13 Experimental report: the report can be prepared and printed according to the format required by users; Therefore, for the normal operation of machinery; The total length of slope error is less than 20mm, and the discharge end is allowed to be positive; In order to solve this contradiction, the non flatness of the upper plane is less than 5mm/m, and the total length is less than 10mm Concept 1: check the parts, components, standard parts, random documents, etc. according to the packing list of the equipment, check whether there are wrong parts, missing parts, deformation and damage, and make records for purchase or preparation before installation

remove the protective coating painted during packaging, dust, oil stain, rust and other conditions, and check and repair the damage and deformation caused during transportation, loading and unloading. Pre test and pre assemble the parts and components and key mating parts to avoid rework in the installation work and ensure the installation progress and quality

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