The hottest plastic crimping cap has new industry

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Recently, the qb/t "plastic thread cap" industry standard, written by Changhong plastic group yingperui Plastic Co., Ltd. and jointly drafted by many Le enterprises, has been approved and issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and the surface bonding strength will be implemented on September 1 this year. More wonderful topics continue to be updated. The arbitration thickness of type I and II samples is 4mm

for a long time, there is no unified standard for plastic crimping caps across the country. All manufacturers have their own ways, and the production standards implemented are uneven, affecting the healthy development of the industry. The industry standard of plastic thread pressing cap issued and implemented this time mainly stipulates the classification structure, naming and identification, materials, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, signs, packaging, transportation, storage and other contents of plastic thread pressing caps. Aucken added that the implementation of the standard has further improved the overall level of products, enhanced international competitiveness, and effectively promoted the technological progress of the plastic wiring equipment industry

it is understood that this is the third standard for the plastic wiring equipment industry after the qb/t "self locking polyamide tie" industry standard, and it is also another industry standard drafted by Yueqing enterprise

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