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The plastic crusher industry is facing the technical problems of energy-saving transformation

at present, China's plastic crushers are widely used in the recycling of waste plastics and the recycling and reuse of factory leftover materials before the use of pressure testing machines. However, with the issuance of the national energy conservation and environmental protection policy, plastic crushers are also facing the technical problems of energy-saving transformation. In this reform, if high energy efficiency Many enterprises will lose their market competitiveness due to the environmental friendly plastic crusher with low density and good heat and sound insulation effects

with the continuous strengthening of engineering construction in China, the crushing machinery industry shows a good momentum of development and ushers in great development opportunities. According to relevant data, the main growth direction of China's crushing machinery in the future is: the market share brought by product upgrading and the formation of new growth points through innovative research and development of new products

generally, enterprises that produce large crusher equipment have strict requirements on the environmental protection index of the equipment. When producing equipment, all enterprises fully consider the various problems that may occur in the operation of the equipment, and greatly reduce the noise and heavy pollution accidents caused by vibration or improper operation of the equipment

with the acceleration of urbanization, new rural areas and industrial construction in China, the problems of high energy consumption and low power consumption in the construction industry have also become a strong obstacle to economic and efficient development

due to the relatively fast replacement of plastic crushers, especially the service life of small crushers is only three to five years, the crushers replaced in China each year account for about 20% of the total demand of crushers, which provides a strong driving force for the rapid development of crushers. At the same time, with the development of low-carbon economy, the crusher industry is also facing important technical reform problems of energy-saving and environmental friendly crushers

however, driven by the new market demand, the renewal, optimization and upgrading of mining equipment are more urgent. Domestic crusher equipment manufacturers have fully tapped the market potential, vigorously developed the environmental protection and energy-saving crusher machinery and equipment that is a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Mongolia, and played an active role in the transformation of green mining

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