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Plastic bottles and so on can be exchanged for environmental protection bags

after understanding these error factors related to the test accuracy

after the Spring Festival, the family buys new year goods and welcomes relatives and friends to pay a new year call. There are a lot of packaging boxes and beverage bottles at home, and I'm worried about nowhere to go! At Wal Mart's Baoshan Wanda store, aunt Lu, who lives in Huchang apartment, came to buy vegetables when she saw the newly listed designated renewable resource recycling point in the store, so she rushed home and sorted out two fruit boxes, two express boxes, four beverage bottles and four coke cans at one go, and then went back to the store to collect old packaging, receive exchange cards, hand in waste, and knock seals. Calculate, 12 pieces of waste products, 12 chapters, in March I can come to get four environmental protection bags

1 coke bottle for 1 chapter, full of 3 chapters, next month will be good to change an environmental protection bag! 22 Wal Mart chain stores in Shanghai started the recycling cycle synchronously; For the large-scale environmental protection public welfare pilot project of green freshmen, consumers are welcome to bring household three wastes such as cans, plastic bottles and cardboard to the store for unified recycling, and are encouraged to strike the environmental protection seal and replace the green environmental protection bag. It is reported that it is the first time for such a supermarket to collect waste in the country. By the end of March, a total of 22000 environmental protection bags are expected to be distributed

where will the waste go after the supermarket collects it? According to Luo Daming, senior director of Wal Mart China corporate affairs, they set up renewable resource recycling points in 22 stores in Shanghai according to the national regulation 6. Load decomposition degree: 1/200000, and will uniformly recycle the waste to the professional renewable resource recycling company xinjinhua. All the proceeds from the waste collection activities were donated to the environmental protection community in Shanghai, where copper alloy materials can also be measured. I came to build a college essay solicitation activity for students from 10 colleges and universities in Shanghai to realize their own environmental protection ideas. With regard to the continuous rise of enterprise factor capital, Shencheng took the lead in trying to collect waste from supermarkets in China. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Commission of Commerce said that more commercial enterprises are welcome to participate in the ranks of urban environmental protection, make full use of their advantages, build a waste collection platform, smooth waste collection channels, and help residents in the community to personally complete family environmental protection actions

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