The hottest plastic bottles deserve attention, and

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These plastic bottles deserve attention. Their recycling channels

pet bottles, as a pastry, have always been the most favored by waste recyclers in the recycling market. However, we have ignored a large number of plastic bottles made of other materials. The recycling of medical plastic bottles, cosmetic bottles, pesticide bottles and bathing daily chemical bottles is on the edge, which has not been favored by the market and has been abandoned by the roadside, often becoming a major source of pollution more than 10 years ago

in recent years, Chinese packaging bottles came to China and believed that because the materials of cosmetics bottles, bathing and daily chemical bottles and other packaging bottles are relatively complex, some materials really cannot be recycled. It is completely understandable from the market perspective that recyclers give up recycling. For these bottles, manufacturers should take more responsibility for recycling, establish and improve the recycling mechanism, so that consumers can not only receive environmental protection information, The key is to be able to easily send the waste bottles in your hand. 1. System management function to the recycling location

for farmers, it is like pruning vine medicine bottles and medicine bottles, which are harmful to human body and the environment. Not only the manufacturers, but also the relevant departments should also participate in the recycling work, and try to ensure that these bottles can be effectively recycled through multiple channels such as regulations

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