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Yunzhixun helps the e-commerce industry and plays the strongest user experience hand in hand

on June 8, yunzhixun, Yichuang and testin hosted an e-commerce salon with the theme of playing with the best user experience -- e-commerce operation practice. Many e-commerce talents came to the scene and delivered wonderful speeches. Mr. Gong Huojin, the product R & D director of yunzhixun, also took the theme of "Scene adaptation of yunzhixun's hidden number and customer service scheme" as the theme, and deeply talked about how yunzhixun can support the improvement of APP user experience with the best products in the e-commerce industry

Mr. Gong Huojin, director of product research and development of cloud news, is giving a keynote speech

from the beginning, he emphasized that the Internet scene must need technical support and ability support, and then started the technical topic he wanted to talk about. He said that whether it is e-commerce or Internet products, there are four types of communication, and yunzhixun hopes to extend the traditional communication capabilities, combine them with internet scenarios, and improve the scope and breadth of application. So, what Internet scenarios does cloud news provide new solutions

1. Hidden number communication scenario

in the field of communication, which has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance, our personal number is our unique identification, which is very important information. But many times, when we go to register with software, our number and information are constantly provided to each other. How to protect users' privacy in the field of e-commerce is an obligation of e-commerce enterprises, Cloud news can help enterprises better fulfill this obligation

the principle of the hidden number communication solution is like this. For example, we are going to buy something from an e-commerce company. In the first step, we will launch a transaction order and submit the app order to the merchant platform. We hope to protect the user's real identity through the middle virtual number. In this way, the real number will not be exposed to the other party through the way of virtual number. Between the buyer and the seller, yunzhixun will provide the transfer of the virtual number

as shown in the figure: on the e-commerce platform, after we place an order, the courier needs to contact the buyer, so he needs to call us. At this time, the courier and us are only a temporary interaction, and the number information of both sides can be protected by the way of intermediate numbers

which industries is this scenario mainly suitable for? In addition to the e-commerce industry, such as taxi software, housing agents, used car agents, and recruitment stations are also applicable

for example, Didi will not pollute the travel scene of underground water tanker. The whole process is like this: placing an order, distributing an order, and receiving an order. After receiving an order, the intermediate number and will be pushed in the intermediate process, forming a communication between the two sides. The main goal is to protect the real number of passengers and drivers

so is the housing agency. This is another way of experience. For example, I now have a house to sell. I go to the real estate agency and ask him to help me sell the house. At this time, he assigns me a number. This number is bound to the housing source. The housing source may have many agents, such as many sales managers, who may want to sell the house. When the buyer wants to buy a house, he may need to call 400, At this time, you can send it to the housing manager, which can provide a transformation process

What does the scheme of

hidden sign have? It is to use the concept of intermediate number to replace the real numbers of both parties to the transaction. The validity time of intermediate number can be set by itself, which can be permanent or temporary. This is the core mechanism of the hidden number scheme

2. App customer service scenario

when dealing with banks and e-commerce, we all know that the navigation system of each platform is different. We often have to listen to its navigation information to know how to do it. The process is very cumbersome and the interaction is very bad. Moreover, for operator enterprises, the cost of 400 customer service is relatively high. In this regard, yunzhixun provides a better solution to call the customer service system through virtual it advertising and it. For example, JD app only needs to integrate the new SDK, and you can use the IP function of the SDK to make calls without going to the operator's 400 number. This is free for businesses, good in the e-commerce field, and an innovation in the traditional communication field

this solution can meet different data needs. Do not click here to add pictures to clarify what pain points the same fixture solves? The first is cost. Because for large e-commerce companies, the transaction order involves the subsequent maintenance process of the order, which requires follow-up visits, processing chargebacks or complaints. The utilization rate of the 400 system is very high. If the customer service uses traditional communication, the customer service calls out at a cost of 10 cents per minute, which is extremely high. Users call for advice, which requires more burden, and how bad the experience effect is, you can imagine. But if you use the solution of APP customer service, it is completely free for users to dial the 400 number, and the platform uses our solution for only three cents per minute

what's more convenient is that the app customer service can indicate what 1 and 2 are in the dial, as long as voice dialing is OK. Moreover, if users want to complain and need to negotiate, needless to say a lot, they can directly share the map or reason plus the location of the clock. The following figure:

in addition, as for the whole solution, there are many product solutions for Internet users, among which the outbound travel solution is also very practical

when users are abroad, they only need to install app or SDK, and then buy a 4G card abroad. All domestic users can automatically transfer to app. If there is unknown instant messaging, users can also receive notification in time. Only the domestic landing call fee is charged, which is far lower than the international roaming call fee; Let's travel abroad and dare to fight and pick up; There is no need to change the card and number, and the tariff and experience are consistent with those in China

in a word, no matter what kind of e-commerce marketing, the most important thing is user experience. If you use the scenario of IP interconnection, you can track the experience effect well and improve the user experience better

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