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Frequent news of production restriction and frequent increase in steel prices in the off-season demand

recent news of production restriction around the country now requires the national copper, lead and zinc quality inspection center to carry out factory inspection nearby. Frequent occurrence of high temperature, rainy, seasonal demand off-season, steel mills continue to raise prices, spot steel prices rise step by step, while the actual shipment of steel traders is not good, and the market wait-and-see atmosphere is relatively strong

the Qingdao SCO summit has just ended, but the production restriction policy has not left, and many regions are still fighting "blue sky defense war". Recently, Shandong steel mills limited production, Changzhou and Xuzhou steel mills limited production, Guangdong and Guangxi regions limited production, and so on. Steel merchants are worried. On the one hand, local steel mills and downstream processing enterprises and other production restrictions have been reported one after another, and the implementation of the policy of limiting production by 50% is flying all over the world. The market supply is expected to be tighter, especially because some large-size round steel resources have been in regional shortage, and some steel traders have increased their stock replenishment. On the other hand, due to high temperature and rainy weather, the demand of the steel market is coming in the off-season, and the downstream terminals are more cautious in taking goods. The shipment of steel traders has not improved. On the contrary, for more than a month, the material is scientifically compounded with polyurethane (PU) materials and materials containing silicone components. The trading volume has basically decreased to about half of the usual volume. At present, the market is in a state of weak balance between supply and demand, and there is a game between supply reduction and demand in the off-season

on June 7, the Ministry of ecological environment issued the "plan for strengthening the supervision of key areas of the blue sky defense war in", which will start on June 11, 2018 and end on April 28, 2019. The first is Beijing Tianjin Hebei and its surrounding areas, the second is Fen Wei plain, and the third is the Yangtze River Delta. In combination with the previous "look back" work carried out by the environmental protection supervision team stationed in various provinces and cities, where the weight, travel, speed and other parameters of the central slider are different. That is, under such a background, steel mills intend to continue to support prices and increase prices. From 11 to 13 in mid June, most steel mills increased the ex factory price of round steel by yuan/ton

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