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Yunzhixun logistics communication solutions improve enterprise quality and efficiency

at the 2017 global smart logistics summit, Ma Yun said: the number of 1billion packages a day will not exceed eight years, and it is estimated that it will be achieved in about six or seven years. Last year, the total amount of parcels in China has exceeded 3. The proportion, quantity and variety of automotive aluminum in the exhibits this year have increased significantly by 0 billion compared with the past. According to the growth rate of the express industry, it is not a problem to achieve 100million parcels a day this year, and it is not impossible to achieve 1billion parcels a day in the future. However, so many parcels have caused great pressure to logistics enterprises, especially in the last mile of distribution. How to ensure the delivery service quality is a problem that logistics enterprises need to pay special attention to. Facing such a high proportion of complaints, how should logistics enterprises improve the quality of delivery service

JD distribution's long-standing good reputation may provide reference for logistics enterprises. In order to ensure the quality of customer service, chose to access yunzhixun platform. With the help of yunzhixun's call center platform, system notification platform and privacy protection platform, formed good communication with customers and resolved the disputes of the same year in the bud

with the successful experience of leading service logistics enterprises, yunzhixun has developed a complete set of logistics industry communication solutions to help major logistics enterprises better serve customers and improve customer satisfaction. At the same time, the solution can also break down the business barriers caused by communication islands and reduce the communication costs of enterprises

solution 1: peak traffic diversion, national unified outbound image

in order to prevent harassment, many users usually refuse to answer unfamiliar numbers, which greatly affects the normal customer service of logistics enterprises. In addition, in the face of a large number of customer inquiries, logistics enterprises are likely to affect their image in the hearts of customers if they do not respond in time, resulting in an increase in the number of customer complaints

in this regard, yunzhixun launched the combined application of call center and 95 extension number, providing a variety of voice services through the call center to ensure the diversion of traffic during peak periods and ensure the quality of customer service; Through the one-stop service of 95 extension number landing, the enterprise outbound call image is unified, and the customer answering rate and resource utilization rate are improved

solution 2: privacy protection calls to prevent customer information leakage

in recent years, people have paid more and more attention to information security, but in the logistics industry, customer information leakage has always been a problem. To solve this problem, yunzhixun launched a privacy protection call scheme to help logistics enterprises quickly realize the communication function of hiding the numbers of both sides of the call and ensure the security of customer information. At the same time, this can play a good preventive role in preventing the courier from harassing customers and private disputes between both parties, because the courier cannot know the real number of the customer, and both parties can only communicate within the validity of the order. Once the order is completed, the courier and the customer cannot be contacted directly

in practical applications, privacy protection calls have two forms of operation: first, the courier clicks to dial an outbound call; Including stars, Xingguang, Xingyao, Xingdou, Xingshang and other categories. Second, the courier enters the order number and calls out. The specific schematic diagram is as follows: take 5 tons of advertising division with the same diameter as a batch:

the courier clicks on the dial-up outbound call

the courier enters the order number outbound call

solution 3: voice notification + SMS notification = 100% arrival of messages

in the process of package transportation, users usually want to understand the logistics dynamics, and generally take the way of active query, but if the logistics enterprise can turn passivity into initiative, Inform customers in real time in the key links of logistics transportation, so that customers can master logistics dynamics at any time, which will greatly improve customer service perception and satisfaction. Through yunzhixun SMS platform and voice notification platform, logistics enterprises can easily do this

in addition, in the process of package delivery, couriers often encounter the situation that customers are not at home and no one signs for them. Some couriers will put the package at the door of the customer's home or in the security room of the community, which is often easy to cause the loss of the customer's package and bring property losses and image damage to the logistics enterprise. Through the interactive voice notification of yunzhixun, logistics enterprises can allow customers to independently choose the delivery time according to the voice prompt content to ensure the delivery rate of express delivery

enterprise communication system is closely related to business development. If the two cannot be well integrated, the communication island will become the biggest obstacle to business deployment, and access to the cloud information fusion communication platform can help solve this problem; On the other hand, there are many logistics enterprises, and the lack of unified management of the branch communication system will cause the group's communication costs to remain high. Access to the cloud information platform allows the communication data of each branch to be recorded, summarized, analyzed and traced, reducing the communication costs of enterprises. Yunzhixun logistics industry communication solutions can not only solve the customer service problems of logistics enterprises, but also improve the business management efficiency of logistics enterprises

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