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It is reported that the former general manager of PetroChina Indonesia was investigated. According to foreign media reports, a source familiar with the inside story revealed that the Chinese government was investigating Wei Zhigang, the former general manager of PetroChina Indonesia. A few weeks ago, the authorities just announced an anti-corruption investigation into some other former executives of PetroChina

three insiders in the Chinese oil industry said that PetroChina had dismissed Wei Zhigang as the general manager of the Indonesian company a few weeks ago, and revealed that the Chinese government had launched a formal investigation into him, but did not disclose the relevant specific information. Maozefeng, a spokesman for PetroChina, said that he was unaware of any 2 design process and working principle investigation against Wei Zhigang, and Wei Zhigang himself had not commented on this

the Chinese government is launching the largest anti-corruption investigation against state-owned enterprises in many years, and PetroChina is at the center of this storm. So far, no senior executives in PetroChina's overseas business department have been involved

according to an anonymous source, the former general manager of (PetroChina) Indonesia department is under investigation, and he has been dismissed. Another source added: Wei Zhigang has been dismissed and his successor has been sent to Indonesia. In some utilization fields, the source has strict standards for the stamping properties of stainless steel materials, such as machinery manufacturing, automobile and ship plates, etc. if the stamping properties are not qualified in the process of mechanical forming, it is easy to cause the cracking of stainless steel plates, which seriously affects the product quality. Shi Lu, the new general manager of PetroChina's Indonesian department, is Xue Liangqing, who once served as the chief geologist of PetroChina's international exploration and production department

SKK Migas, the Indonesian energy regulator, said that Wei Zhigang had to leave the country because his visa had been extended too many times. Elan biantoro, a spokesman for the agency, said that SKK Migas had learned that PetroChina had appointed Xue Liangqing as the general manager of the Indonesian department. SKK Migas itself has also been involved in a corruption scandal, and the former head of the agency has recently been investigated. At the same time, the corporate communications manager of PetroChina Indonesia said that at present, she could not comment on this

at the end of August and the beginning of September this year, the Chinese government announced an investigation into five former PetroChina executives, saying they were suspected of serious disciplinary violations. The five former executives investigated include Jiang Jiemin, former chairman of PetroChina, and Wang Yongchun, deputy general manager and general manager of Daqing Oilfield Co., Ltd. The authorities did not disclose more details about the five former executives under investigation. Since the government announced the investigation, these former executives have not commented on it, nor have they appeared in public. In addition, executives from several PetroChina suppliers have also been involved

PetroChina's business scope covers the world, ranging from crude oil production facilities to oil pipelines and oil projects. Its market value is about $235billion, and it is one of the oil companies with the highest market value in the world

according to PetroChina, Wei Zhigang is a senior practitioner in the oil industry. He took up the post of general manager of PetroChina Indonesia department in 2004. The total number of employees of this department is close to 35million. Since its establishment in 2002, its crude oil production has increased significantly. At that time, PetroChina acquired the Indonesian assets of Devon Energy, an American Petroleum Company. PetroChina's crude oil production in Indonesia in 2011 was 5.67 million tons, roughly three times the production level in 2002, becoming the seventh largest oil producer in the Indonesian market

PetroChina said that the substantial increase in the output of the Indonesian sector was partly due to the professional experience of the petroleum battery cascade utilization and green recycling technology service departments such as PetroChina Daqing drilling engineering company

last month, foreign media reported that PetroChina had strengthened its control over managers and strengthened safety inspections, in order to ensure that the impact of corruption scandals would not lead to the destruction of its global business operations. According to a source, the atmosphere inside the company is still very heavy

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