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How do printing and packaging enterprises fight the "smoke of war" of the exhibition (Continued)

how many buyers are attracted by the words "the lowest price in the country and double compensation for buying expensive" in Watsons' small supermarket? Maybe no one really calculates whether you are the lowest price in the country, but the impression of affordable price is real. At present, if you want to print, I want to print has also become a mantra of many people. No matter whether you have a printing demand or not, once you or your friends have this need, you will immediately think that I want to print this professional printing platform

(2) publicity of main products

at the exhibition, there is one publicity means that can be called a beautiful killer, that is, product release shows. In the crowded exhibition, laser, magic color, strong light, sound, and the experimental force of the single rod double acting piston cylinder on the high platform passed by groups of handsome men and women. In this atmosphere, no matter what enterprises want to show, they can become the focus, and this kind of publicity means can be encountered at large-scale printing and packaging machinery exhibitions. In addition, if you can choose the right music to play according to the characteristics of your products, you can stand out from the crowd in the noisy exhibition environment, which will undoubtedly make your exhibition grow a pair of invisible wings

generally speaking, printing and packaging enterprises participate in various exhibitions to do broader market publicity for their products. No matter how large an exhibition they participate in, they cannot lack the publicity of their main products. In addition to the product release show, this kind of publicity also has more display methods, such as operating machines on site, using machines for proofing, etc. What impressed me most was the booth publicity of Qin Hua in Xi'an last year. Taking advantage of the unique cultural characteristics of Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, the imitation Terra Cotta Warriors of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty was also moved to the exhibition site, which attracted the attention of many foreign friends

(3) cooperation with industry media

generally speaking, the publicity of the exhibition will not exceed a week, but the audience is counted by 100000. Generally, in order to expand the influence of the exhibition, the organizers of the exhibition will invite some industry media to participate. It is the dream of all enterprises to rely on the publicity and reports of the media to expand their influence during the exhibition. However, not all bosses who are good at R & D and sales know how to deal with the media, especially when there is more than one industry media, it is more difficult to judge

in fact, there are many ways for enterprises to cooperate with the media, and there is only one principle: to make the media interested. Enterprises spend money to publish enterprise articles in the media, which are called soft articles, but actually advertisements. However, if the enterprise's publicity at the exhibition is very distinctive, its products have advantages, and it has released some new processes, new awards, etc., it will become the focus of attention. So once you have these things, you must show them, and you don't have to be stingy about leading, opening up, initiating, publishing and other words

at the exhibition site, if enterprises encounter the industry of door-to-door visits, they should stop operations in time and contact the media with technicians. Don't be shy. Ask about it. Taking the initiative can create more opportunities for themselves

(4) unique advertising language

a customer walks past the booth and his eyes stay on the booth for only 3 seconds. What can he see in 3 seconds? I can't remember more than 2 sentences, so in the battle of advertising language, we must first grasp the essence of a word. Many enterprises stick numerous introductions on the wall, and always think that this effect is also good. In fact, it's enough to write an advertising slogan to attract customers. The rest is a detailed explanation from person to person

in addition, as with corporate copywriting, in today's information bombing, creative but meaningless advertising has lost its original amazing charm, and more people begin to pursue the effect of getting to the point. Especially in this era when the economic environment is not very good, advertising has also entered a pragmatic stage, which is particularly important for the publicity of small and medium-sized enterprises

(5) informed that the senior salesman of the industry

martial arts star Donnie Yen once said that in close combat, the fist is the most direct and effective, and China is the country with the largest, most complete and most reliable comprehensive strength in the field of physical testing instruments in China

for the exhibition, if you fight closely with many enterprises in the industry at the same time, the salesperson is the fist

if you fight the enemy with your fist, courage is the first. When everything is ready, the fist is the only east wind. If the fist is not tightly clenched, it will inevitably fall short. Therefore, salesmen must have a positive attitude, but the awareness of enterprises in this regard is also very clear. Generally, the salesmen sent by exhibitors are carefully selected

after the exhibition: make a summary of the exhibition in time

during the exhibition, it is necessary to summarize how the activities are carried out, how the information is collected, how the effect is achieved, what has been achieved, what has not been achieved, and whether the expected effect has been achieved. In addition to the summary of the day, the conclusion of the whole activity should also be summarized. If necessary, demonstration and evaluation should be carried out. Giving scientific evaluation is more conducive to the next exhibition. These evaluations must be quantitative, scientific and accurate

in short, for any enterprise participating in the exhibition, they all want to achieve the best publicity effect and create greater benefits; Especially in large international exhibitions. At the same time, participation is also a scientific marketing activity, during which there are many skills. If it is done well, it can really get twice the result with half the effort and achieve the expected purpose of enterprise publicity

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