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How can coating enterprises solve the problem of R & D and innovation

How can coating enterprises solve the problem of R & D and innovation

the porosity can be as high as 99.8% in 2021. April 27

with the development of the fine chemical industry and the changing market demand, more and more fine chemical enterprises are facing different opportunities and challenges

in the face of the increasingly severe global industrial competition situation, the options in front of Chinese chemical enterprises are actually very limited. If we do not fundamentally change the development mode, what awaits us will be a "frog in warm water" Death Road - the current performance may still increase, but the future road has become narrower and narrower

how to change the development mode of enterprises? It is particularly important to promote the high-quality development of chemical enterprises

the competition of fine chemical enterprises such as coatings has shifted from providing coating chemical products only to providing industrial design, coating services, product research and development, technical support and other overall coating services. The fine chemical industry is gradually changing from a simple production-oriented industry to a production technology service-oriented industry. The establishment of a formula research and development big data platform to achieve precise research and development, personalized customization, and personal technical services is the direction of the transformation and upgrading of fine chemical enterprises. If we say that making good products is the strong shield to ensure the stable development of enterprises; Then product innovation is the spear for enterprises to break through barriers, transform and upgrade

how to promote the high-quality development of coating enterprises and how to promote the high-quality development of enterprises

R & D innovation, as the name suggests, is the organic combination of R & D + innovation. While optimizing the existing formula, we should also innovate new formulas and products

technology department can bring new vitality and competitiveness to enterprises, and it is also one of the most difficult departments to manage. Most managers don't know how many experiments their laboratories and laboratory personnel have completed every day, what experiments have been completed, what step the project is going to take, the budget of project funds, project progress and other information. The information flow and data flow of the laboratory form a fault with the management, which increases the difficulty of management and reduces the work efficiency and accuracy

with the development of enterprise informatization and digitalization, most enterprises have ERP and OA software to manage the business layer and logistics layer, but they often ignore the management of the technology layer. At present, there are also some PDM software for managing technical documents on the market, most of which focus on tracking and sorting out experimental documents and data as well as the approval process; This is the right direction, but it is far from enough

if you want to manage the laboratory, you must first know what the technical department does. From the formulation of the project, the engineer asks for samples, detects the properties of raw materials, registers the samples, manages the sample library, designs the test scheme and plan, upgrades and optimizes the formula, develops new formula, performance test, application experiment, comparative analysis, experimental review, and finally turns the qualified formula into a formal production formula, plus the data collection and analysis in the whole process, Undoubtedly, managing the laboratory is a very challenging and meaningful management strategy

the traditional general PDM technical document management software only manages the process documents, and there is still no way to take into account the analysis of data, the optimization and adjustment of experimental formula, the progress and statistics of projects, the management of samples, etc., resulting in the limited help of this kind of software to enterprises

with the trend of products + technical services in the whole coating chemical industry, more and more bosses will invest heavily in building their own R & D centers and laboratories. After investing a lot of money to buy experimental instruments and equipment and hire experts, how the boss should manage his own R & D platform is also a topic worth studying

most enterprises with the intention of 7.1.1 product inspection in research and development, including factory inspection and type inspection, still have many places to be optimized and changed for the management of their laboratories. Many leaders also frankly say that they are more than willing but less than able in research and development management, and suffer from the lack of methods and assistance to manage. Some enterprise bosses said that they had introduced PDM software on the market, but in fact, after the implementation, they could only complete the experimental document management, which was not so basic, and felt that the cost performance was not high. In particular, the pain points of some R & D centers cannot be well solved, for example:

1 Each engineer has to do experiments independently, resulting in repeated experiments, low R & D efficiency and high R & D cost

2 Successful R & D formulas of advanced chemical materials such as high-end resins, special rubber and engineering plastics have been left behind, but a large number of failed experiments have not been retained, knowledge bases cannot be established, experience has not been accumulated, and knowledge has not been inherited

3 Without the establishment of raw material database, product formula database and experiment database, big data search cannot be realized, the number of experiments cannot be reduced, and the speed of R & D and innovation is slow

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