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With the gradual opening of the Chinese market, China's economy is also in line with the world economy at a deeper and faster pace. As China with a large population has huge market potential and cheap labor resources, many large multinational enterprises have invested and built factories in China, which has greatly expanded the market of the packaging and printing industry, and many investors are optimistic. At the same time, due to China's most favored nation treatment, the additional costs of raw and auxiliary materials and printing processing equipment procurement and product export have also been significantly reduced, which makes China's packaging and printing market more profitable, and many foreign packaging and printing enterprises also want to take a share in it. Competition has become increasingly cruel. How to establish enterprise advantages and win the competition? The author believes that printing and packaging enterprises should establish the following advantages

1. Technological advantage

the technological level of an enterprise is the driving force for the survival and development of the enterprise. Winning the market with technological advantage is more profitable and lasting cooperation than winning the market with price advantage. To maintain the technological advantage continuously, we should base on the current situation of the enterprise, introduce advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad purposefully and step by step according to the market demand and development trend, and develop new products. At the same time, enterprises should also study and improve the existing technology, and try to theorize it, form independent intellectual property rights and protect it

2. Equipment advantage

equipment advantage does not mean that an enterprise has the most advanced equipment in the world, but rather that it should be equipped with reasonable and efficient equipment for production based on the positioning of the enterprise and market demand. Blindly pursuing advanced equipment can only increase costs. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the function development and transformation of the machine to improve the utilization rate of the equipment

3. Procurement advantages

at present, the existing packaging and printing aircraft is still the safest transportation enterprise in the world (especially the enterprise established for more than three years). Its raw material suppliers should be basically fixed, and the method of reducing the procurement cost by several percentage points per year can be adopted, and customers can purchase special paper, special ink, etc. to improve quality, efficiency and reduce costs, while for newly established enterprises, the supplier group should be fixed as much as possible

4 due to the CPU of the computer Market advantage

we should improve the quality of marketing personnel, so that they have a full understanding of the production capacity of the enterprise, and do a good job in marketing according to the characteristics of the enterprise. We should not blindly solicit activities and accept orders at will. At the same time, we should also have a sufficient understanding of the production efficiency of the enterprise, and we should not arbitrarily make and change the delivery date, disrupting the production order

to maintain market advantage, we should keep those customers with large orders, short payment collection cycle and good reputation, and focus on developing such customers and optimizing the market structure

5. Brand advantage

brand is the basis of an enterprise's competitiveness, and brand advantage is to complete orders with high quality and efficiency, publicize and promote yourself through high-quality products and perfect services, and establish a good corporate image. In this regard, the role of advertising is not great. Brand advantage covers many contents, such as the management level of enterprises, the technical content of products, the stability of production quality, etc. in order to establish the competitive advantage of enterprises in the market and grasp the initiative of competition, we must work hard to create and maintain brand advantage

6. Service advantage

in a sense, the competition between packaging and printing enterprises on the same level is service quality. Therefore, establishing a perfect service system, starting from market research, product development, after-sales service and many other aspects, improving service quality, strengthening service and expanding service scope has become a very effective competitive hand. This machine is widely used in tensile, compression, bending, shearing and other mechanical property experiments of metal and non-metallic materials; By configuring a wide variety of attachment segments

provide customers with convenient, fast, accurate and perfect services, and do what customers think. We should think of what customers did not think of. This will make the enterprise in an invincible position in the cruel competition

7. Cost advantage

how to increase profits when the market price is basically fixed? The key is to "dig money" from within the enterprise - reduce costs. Only by reducing costs can we achieve low-cost competition and expand market share

the most important cost in the whole enterprise is the cost of production. Through reasonable process design, effective quality management, high production efficiency and raw and auxiliary materials utilization, these effective means can greatly reduce costs. In addition, the management cost is also a piece of greater flexibility. For example, competent and enterprising talents can be used in management. 3. Electromechanical: excellent electronic universal experimental motor adopts exchange servo speed regulation system to improve efficiency

8. Management advantages

the author believes that it is very important to establish management advantages. An excellent enterprise must have an excellent management system. In other words, an enterprise without an excellent management system is by no means a good enterprise. The most important feature of an excellent management system is high efficiency. Only high efficiency can bring good benefits. To effectively allocate resources in all aspects and make the management work of the enterprise run smoothly on a scientific, systematic, institutionalized and standardized track, we have management advantages

in a word, it is an important condition for a packaging and printing enterprise to achieve and maintain two high and one low (i.e. high quality, high efficiency and low cost) under a benign management

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