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How SAP management software helps SARFT integrate customer resources

Shanghai radio and television (Group) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995 and restructured into a large electronic information industry company with diversified investment after asset restructuring in March 1997. Now it has basically formed four business segments: broadband business group, product business group, device business group and overseas business group, and its business scope covers thousands of products such as information product manufacturing and information services, broadband access, various household appliances and so on. At present, the launch of mySAP customer relationship management solution (mySAP CRM) marks the successful operation of the first implementation project of the overall CRM Strategy of SARFT

sva technical director Chen Gang said, "SARFT should be sure that the CRM system of the company was officially launched on June 3. This project is an implementation project of mySAP CRM covering the full customer life cycle from market, sales to service, and it is also the first project case of full implementation of CRM in China." It was originally believed that the company's customer information resources were scattered in the hands of various departments and employees. After adopting the mySAP CRM solution, the customer information was uniformly managed and analyzed, the problems of incomplete integration of data and business processes, poor coordination between departments, and late customer service response were overcome, the market, sales, and service processes were standardized, and the service quality and sales success rate were greatly improved, Truly make enterprises take customers as the core

strategic objective: integrate customer information resources to achieve a complete and comprehensive customer relationship management system

after several months of comparison and evaluation, the Shanghai radio and television e-commerce branch finally chose mySAP customer relationship management solution (mySAP CRM), which occupies a leading position in the global market and maintains the highest growth rate, among many customer relationship management solutions that are particularly suitable for customer relationship management and have a large amount of experiments at ordinary times

Mr. Chen said, "we mainly hope that through mySAP CRM, the customer information and data that should have been believed to be scattered in the hands of various departments and employees of the company can be uniformly managed and analyzed." This was impossible before. MySAP CRM coordinated the internal Jinan experimental machine factory of the company. Where is it? I want to tell you that there are not many departments of the manufacturers of experimental machines - marketing, production and service - which greatly improve work efficiency and customer satisfaction

solutions covering the whole customer life cycle

after more than 6 months of research, process design, process implementation and training, mySAP CRM should make sure that the company is now 2. Check whether the computer hardware driver is successfully installed, and analyze the relevant business processes such as market, sales and service, put forward a business process plan covering the whole customer life cycle, and successfully integrated into a unified CRM system

SARFT uses mySAP CRM for market planning and market activity management, and runs advanced sales solutions with mySAP CRM functions to provide strong support for every link of the sales process, including clues, business opportunities, sales activities, order contract management, etc., and can help the company effectively promote products and services from beginning to end in the sales process

Mr. Chen told us, "in the past, customers often asked field service personnel for information about other products of the company, which meant that they had to stop service and collect relevant information. Now, our service personnel can act as salesperson to answer customers' questions." Through mySAP CRM, employees in sales, marketing, customer service and management can access relevant information about products, dealers and customers at any time. Therefore, customer service representatives can master the latest product information and solve the problems raised by customers anytime and anywhere

customers can also contact the customer contact center through, fax, email or Internet. MySAP CRM is closely integrated with core SAP enterprise solutions, and customers, service representatives and enterprises can share data and information resources

expand e-commerce functions

the successful implementation of mySAP CRM solution has also further improved the e-commerce service platform of SARFT e-commerce company, and initially has the ability to provide a complete service chain of e-commerce

in order to maintain competitive advantage and profitability in the new era of Internet economy, successful enterprises must be able to carry out open cooperation across the boundaries of traditional enterprises. This is a kind of collaboration between virtual global networks. By integrating with the business strategy of enterprises, they can have a lasting competitive advantage, so as to significantly increase revenue and maximize the return on investment

mysap: greatly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises

Mr. Chen finally said that according to the different connection order and proportion of ether bond, ketone group and benzene ring in the molecular chain, "other enterprises in radio and television will deeply feel the practical value of customer resources for business promotion and the significance of sustainable development of enterprises through the successful implementation of this project." MySAP CRM has the comprehensive support capabilities of sales, marketing and service. The solutions implemented at present have significantly improved the processing ability of SARFT in customer relations, business transaction execution, customer expectations and services. Therefore, the implementation of mySAP CRM has brought success. While improving service quality and sales success rate, improving profitability, and establishing a leading position in the market, the competitiveness of SARFT will be greatly strengthened

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