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How will the packaging and printing industry meet the challenges of WTO entry in the future?

from the perspective of the domestic market, experts estimate that China's CDP will increase by 2.94% after WTO entry, which will increase the output value of more than 200 billion yuan. The increase in the production of various commodities and the increase in added value will correspondingly increase the output value of packaging and printing products; The large number of foreign-funded enterprises and the increase of business activities will increase the demand for commercial printing; Opening services such as finance, insurance, telecommunications and commercial circulation will also increase the output value of commercial printing and ticket printing; The increase in exports of light textile, household appliances, daily-use industrial products, textile and clothing products, and general mechanical and electrical products, as well as the increase in processing with supplied materials, has provided more development opportunities for the packaging and printing industry. Therefore, according to the actual situation in the past, the growth index of the printing industry is higher than the GDP growth index by percentage points

from the international market, there are 140 WTO members, and more than 90% of world trade is carried out among WTO members. After joining the WTO, China can enjoy the fruits of a wide range of trade liberalization implemented by WTO members, which is conducive to expanding exports, thus providing a broad space for the development of the packaging and printing industry

the import tariff of various imported equipment required for printing, such as various high-grade papers, inks, direct plate making plates, flexographic plates, etc., will be gradually reduced, which is conducive to packaging and printing enterprises to improve product quality and reduce production costs. Therefore, it is conducive to improving the competitiveness of enterprises

it is understood that China has promised to reduce the import tariff of paper from the current% to%. China's printing industry needs to import 10000 tons of various papers every year, a large part of which is used for packaging and printing enterprises

in addition, the direct plate making materials used in packaging and printing are also affected by the high import price, which affects the promotion and use in packaging and printing plants

tariffs on plate making equipment, printing equipment and accessories will also be significantly reduced after China's entry into WTO

for domestic printing enterprises, at present, the localization rate of prepress system is very low, and most of the high-speed multi-color offset printing machines are imported. The reduction of tariffs will undoubtedly help packaging and printing enterprises, introduce advanced equipment, carry out technological transformation, and reduce the import cost rate of parts and accessories


after China's entry into the WTO, foreign capital entering China's printing market, especially the fluorochemical industry with more fluorocarbon for packaging printing, has two characteristics: 1. In the past, when making traditional products, the brush industry has become the general trend. Article 12 of the regulations on the administration of the printing industry newly issued by the State Council last August has clearly stipulated that the state allows the establishment of Sino foreign joint venture printing enterprises and Sino foreign cooperative printing enterprises, and allows the establishment of foreign-funded enterprises engaged in packaging, decoration, printing and crystal printing business activities

in fact, as early as 1997, before the promulgation of the printing industry management regulations, there were more than 2000 foreign-funded printing enterprises in China, a considerable part of which were wholly-owned enterprises, and nearly 45% were in Guangdong. In 1998, there were 177 foreign-funded printing enterprises in Shanghai, which accounted for only 4.3% of the total number of printing enterprises in Shanghai. The demand of Japan's automobile industry drove the development of the plastic processing machinery industry, but its sales accounted for 28.5% and its total profit accounted for 32.4%. With the death of China, some powerful foreign groups will be more optimistic about the Chinese market. International Printing giants such as Donnelly, Jinguang, Huihao and Lianhe have entered the Chinese market. Another example is Germany Bertelsmann, which has entered the Fortune 500, has extended its tentacles to China to find suitable investment targets and investment methods. Foreign printing equipment manufacturers and printing equipment manufacturers are also optimistic about the Chinese market. For example, ruitu boster company set up a factory in Shanghai a few years ago to produce box pasting machines and other equipment; Shanghai aokeli Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. used to produce ceramic rollers for flexographic printing machines in Australia. Recently, it is optimistic about the Chinese market and has moved its factory to Shanghai; American Eli company also set up a factory in Shanghai to produce self-adhesive paper; Lindco, a Japanese company, planned to open a self-adhesive paper mill in China two or three years ago. Due to the fact that the restrictions of the regulations have not been realized, it will start to build a wholly-owned enterprise as soon as the regulations are issued

generally speaking, foreign-funded enterprises have advanced printing equipment and technology, excellent printing quality, high production efficiency, flexible operation mechanism, advanced management system, and light social burden. The advantage of competing with domestic packaging and printing enterprises is obvious

the development of high and new technology and the promotion of digital networking will pose new challenges to traditional printing, equipment and equipment enterprises. After the death, this "k-cut" war and impact will be more direct and serious

take the two high and new technologies of direct plate making and digital printing as examples

direct plate making technology first appeared in 1994, and various finished products have been seen at the printing exhibition in Chicago in 1997. In this way, it has taken a full five years, and the number of direct plate making equipment in the world has reached 1240. In the next five years, it will reach 6500 units by 2005, with an increase of more than five times

as for digital printing technology, ctp3 and digital process technology products can be seen everywhere in Drupa2000. Digital printing technology has greatly expanded the market opportunities of printing plants

digital lattice has another very significant effect. At present, the production function is developing to network, and the business process is also accompanied by this process. Such as quotation, contract signing, work tracking, invoicing and information collection are increasingly realized through networks

the withdrawal of state-owned and state-owned holding enterprises from the field of general competition will inevitably prompt the printing industry enterprises to adjust their system, industrial structure and product structure, and a number of powerful large enterprises or enterprise groups will be formed; The division of labor and cooperation among enterprises in different regions, industries and scales enable small and medium-sized enterprises to form economies of scale. Joining the WTO will promote this kind of major restructuring


in the face of the world, we should neither rest easy nor panic. We should take a positive attitude to deal with the new situation after our death. How to deal with the impact of the opening up of the packaging and printing market, and how to meet the new and more severe challenges, we should take favorable measures from all aspects, otherwise we will lose opportunities if we cannot withstand the challenges

change ideas

is to liberate from the shackles of thinking formed under the planned economic system, and change the old pattern of being used to relying on national protection, policy preference, market monopoly, etc. into a new pattern of being brave in exploration, innovation, competition, enterprising, and the survival of the fittest

strengthen strategic research and take the initiative to adjust

in the first 10 years of the new century, China's economy will continue to maintain a high-speed growth momentum. The rapid and healthy development of the national economy has created extremely favorable conditions for the development of the packaging and printing industry. In the new decade, the national economy will continue to adjust, and state-owned and state-controlled enterprises will withdraw from the general field of competition. The printing industry will also enter an unprecedented period of structural adjustment, and it is imperative to reduce the low-grade excess printing capacity. Therefore, every packaging and printing enterprise should strengthen strategic development research and study its position in structural adjustment; What position is it in the country, its own industry and its own region; Study the development trend of the industry; Analyze their own strengths and weaknesses, analyze the situation of competitors in the same industry and their position in the competitors; Think deeply about the development and application of high and new technology, and deepen the reform. The separation of government and enterprises, the gradual elimination of industrial administrative barriers, the development of professional division of labor and cooperation, what impact will it have on enterprises, and so on. We should make a realistic judgment on the direction of our own enterprise. Only when the research of development strategy is clear, can there be a clear development direction. Take the initiative to adjust the structure and products according to the situation of their own enterprises. Some enterprises are suitable for becoming bigger and stronger, and some enterprises are suitable for forming small and specialized enterprises. It can also develop well if we form our own strengths in some aspects and build an enterprise with strong competitiveness in the same industry

pay close attention to structural adjustment

during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, the development direction and focus of the packaging and printing industry are digital and networking before printing; Multicolor and efficient printing; Diverse and automatic post press; Under the guidance of the 28 character technical development policy of high quality and serialization of equipment, we will continue to move forward. Structural adjustment is to adjust the industrial structure, product structure and organizational structure. Technical structure, labor structure and other aspects of efforts to achieve the best, best state

the key points are:

packaging and printing products should actively move towards medium, high-end and diverse. At this time, the temperature controller on the left and the chronograph on the right will show polychromatic development; Develop towards the popularization direction of easy transportation and storage

continue to vigorously develop paper-based packaging and printing

the printing of paper products should focus on developing high-grade cartons and cartons with low gram weight, high strength and light weight, eliminate low-grade cartons and cartons, change the material structure, develop towards gift oriented, high-grade and medium-sized packaging, actively develop all kinds of colored quilt cartons, all kinds of windowed packaging, and develop colorful E-type and F-type fine corrugated cartons, new paper containers, color printing cartons, die-cutting linear cartons, etc

plastic packaging and printing will develop rapidly with the development of food industry, beverage industry, medicine, health products, cosmetics and other industries, especially the selective breathable film and barrier packaging with new materials

new technologies, new equipment, new processes and new materials will be further adopted and promoted. In particular, digital technology, digital printing as the main printing method, on-demand printing will have a certain development

among various printing methods, offset printing still plays a leading role, and flexographic printing will have a rapid development. We will vigorously strengthen and add 21222 sequence to make it a complete set

green packaging and printing that meets the requirements of environmental protection and has no pollution will be paid more and more attention by the society. Therefore, we should vigorously develop green packaging printing

it is imperative to establish professional packaging enterprises and take the road of joint operation and joint investment. China's tobacco printing enterprises generally have good benefits and high returns. In addition to monopoly factors, their professional production, research and service are the main reasons. However, there are too many comprehensive production enterprises and too few professional service enterprises in China's packaging and printing enterprises. American Donnelly company specializes in the production of books, with annual sales of US $5.6 billion, and the annual sales of Canadian MOA business forms reach US $2billion. We should focus on new pillar industries, such as the packaging of modern information, modern biology, medicine, fine chemicals and other products, and establish a professional service team. Only with characteristics can there be development, and only with characteristics can there be benefits

the packaging and printing industry should actively create conditions to go abroad and go global

China is a large printing country, but it is not a powerful country. The packaging and printing industry is a big industry with great potential. With the in-depth development of the market economy, the market is becoming more and more standardized, and quality, cycle, price and service will become the main means to win in the competition. This requires all packaging and printing enterprises to always adhere to the business purpose of quality first, cycle assurance, reasonable price and considerate service

we should actively develop high-end, exquisite color packaging and printing crystals, increase the added value of goods, meet the domestic market and expand the production of computer-controlled data processing products. Especially, we should actively implement General Secretary Jiang Zemin's catch-up and surpass the world package

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