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The Nine Yang Manual: how to become a champion paint salesman

champion is a dream worth looking forward to, a continuous rewriting of history, a reference for everyone's common progress, a great challenge for seekers, and a benchmark for our learning. During the Warring States period, a general named Song Yi in the state of Chu was conferred the title of "young champion", and Huo Qubing, a famous general in the later Han Dynasty, was also conferred the title of "champion Hou", which means that the advantage of their Yong Wu Shan small panel control system lies in the control of experimental machines over all armies. This is the specific analysis of the origin of the word "champion" in China's earliest experimental machine fixture. From the Wei and Jin Dynasties to the northern and Southern Dynasties, "champion" became an official title of a general. Nowadays, the meaning of the word "champion" has gone beyond the reputation of the first winner in the competition. It marks the individual or organization that has achieved the best performance in a certain field

the competition in the marketing war is becoming more and more intense, and there are more and more salespeople. After talking about a business for many days, sometimes you can lose it; Even after tracking the service and visiting for twoorthree years, they still haven't made a deal; Sometimes, for example, the advertising effect of travel agencies is very good, but the merchandising effect is very bad. Many cooked ducks have run away! From the boss to the group department are very angry

then, how to become a "champion" salesman? Since the success of the business has a lot to do with the skills of the salesperson of the travel agency, we say that a character written by Jin Yong, Zhang Wuji, who refined the Nine Yang Manual. It can be seen that practicing internal skills to a certain level is more effective than practicing specific swordsmanship. Teacher Tan Xiaofang (please contact Mr. Tan for the actual sales training course for salesmen) has extracted the following nine suggestions about salesmen, which is called the "the Nine Yang Manual" of champion salesmen, and hopes to help colleagues in the industry:

first, charging

working during the day and charging at night. Charging methods include: first, keeping a diary. According to the questions of the guests during the day and the situation of the travel company, record your feelings, and the accumulation over time is progress. Second, reading method. Buy a magazine, such as sales and marketing. Third, communicate with other salesmen of the company through contacts. Fourth, find a "teacher" who can consult at any time in case of problems

year-on-year growth of 6.8%

Second, work hard

if someone asks me, "what is the first standard to evaluate whether a travel agency salesperson is excellent?" I can say two words - "do it!" This problem is very simple for hard-working salesmen, but too complicated for salesmen who are too smart

the salesperson of the travel agency must measure the market with his feet, and never make a car behind closed doors. And our travel agency has been an old employee for twoorthree years, but we haven't done it yet

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