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In 2017, new retail applications showed diversified development, such as unmanned convenience stores, unmanned supermarkets, unmanned shelves and so on. Facing opportunities and challenges, retail enterprises should seize three opportunities for in-depth reform in 2018

at present, the development of retail enterprises has ushered in an important period of strategic opportunities. Twenty years ago, the retail industry went into trouble, with declining performance and enterprise restructuring. At that time, China opened its retail market and the influx of foreign capital brought many new forms of retail

today, the retail industry is repeating the scene of 20 years ago, and many enterprises are actively discussing reform and innovation, such as Alibaba,, Xiaomi, e-commerce and Tencent are all at full throttle to promote the new retail reform

in 2017, new retail applications showed diversified development, such as unmanned convenience stores, unmanned supermarkets, unmanned shelves, etc. Take the unmanned shelf as an example. In fact, the unmanned shelf has appeared in 2016, but it was not until 2017 that it became popular. According to Phoenix technology statistics, since the second half of 2017, more than 50 players have entered the market in half a year, with an influx of more than 4billion capital

despite various criticisms, the new retail popularity in 2018 will continue. Just at the beginning of 2018, Suning small BIU was officially launched recently, following HEMA fresh, SF and hungry. The person in charge of Suning store also revealed that the laying of 50000 groups of shelves is planned to be completed in 2018

but by contrast, there are more retail enterprises "standing still". Why? Can't such a large market dividend attract many enterprises to rush in

in fact, the new retail still has some problems that it cannot directly display the internal and displacement curves like the tensile testing machine. For example, in traditional physical stores, customers are more likely to ask the clerk where something is rather than find it themselves

in addition, how to solve the last mile problem has always been the focus of the retail war. How to deliver goods to consumers at a faster speed and at a lower cost is a problem that the industry is constantly thinking about. Other issues include the automotive industry, small and medium-sized electronics and home appliance manufacturing. This requires not only new technology, but also new cooperation and even acquisition

in the face of changes in the environment and historical opportunities, retail enterprises need to be completely transformed. In addition to the successful development of technology and acquisition of vanadium batteries, which are full of opportunities and challenges in the future, some ideas can also be innovated. For example, Wal Mart allows off-duty clerks to easily deliver some goods to the areas they pass on the road

facing opportunities and challenges, in 2018, retail enterprises should seize three opportunities for in-depth reform:

at present, China is entering a new round of comprehensive consumption upgrading, and the consumer demand market has changed. And this will inevitably contain huge new demand and potential new market opportunities

on the other hand, Chinese society has entered a highly interconnected society. For retail enterprises, it is a problem that needs to thoroughly transform retail enterprises with internet thinking, tools, modes and means in combination with the development of Internet. Transforming into a new Internet retail enterprise will bring a historic new opportunity to the development of chain enterprises

in addition, the development of new technologies is increasingly integrated with the retail industry. New retail technology has been promoting the change of retail, and the efficiency, cost and experience of retail are changing. Unmanned stores, unmanned shelves, automatic identification, self-service cashier and so on have appeared one after another. Retail enterprises need to pay high attention to the development of technology and the significant impact of new technology on retail

it is a very practical value to let consumers find some freshness in the ordinary life - this may be what the new retail industry has been looking for, but has not fully realized

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