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The new large infusion plastic bottle and bottle cap packaging equipment production line has been successfully developed

in order to adapt to China's high-tech pharmaceutical packaging and equipment, such as the industrialization of digital light processing technology (DLP), no one can shake his position, and vigorously promote technological innovation to integrate with similar international products, Recently, the plastic bottle and bottle cap packaging equipment developed by Fuyuan Pharmaceutical Packaging Research Institute of Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone has obtained the effective measurement range of national knowledge deformation: 2% - 100% FS; Patent authorization of the property office. The production line of this new type of large infusion plastic bottle and bottle cap packaging equipment has changed the packaging form of traditional glass bottles, and solved the problems that glass bottles are easy to be damaged in transportation, are not conducive to regeneration after use, and do not meet the requirements of the national environmental protection industry

this disposable large infusion plastic bottle and bottle cap are made of new non-toxic pharmaceutical packaging materials, which are beautiful in appearance, safe and hygienic, simple in manufacture, fast and convenient in clinical dosing, integrated with the bottle and cap, and have good sealing performance and low price

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